Swiffer Wet Jet vs Steam Mop

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You are considering buying a new mop? Swiffer wet jet vs Steam Mop? Which one should you choose? What is the most efficient when cleaning our floors? Let’s have a look at the comparison below

Swiffer Wet Jet vs Steam Mop – February, 2022

Comparison chart between Steam Mop and Swiffer Wet Jet

Swiffer Wet Jet
Steam Mop
Weight (lbs)3.46
Purchasing Price$43.00$99.99
Cleaning PowerMediumHigh
Refilling Costs$8.68Free
Eco-friendly cleaning solutionNoYes

Swiffer Wet Jet

First of all Swiffer Wet Jet is a perfect cleaning product which is much liked by most of the house owners today. It is easy to use and is quite comfortable. Having a good handle grip, Swiffer Wet Jet makes you’re cleaning work effective that too in a very short span of time. The product is designed keeping in mind the need of the user. It has become a necessity of every house today. Why choose a steam mop vs swiffer?

Because it cleans the floor superbly well without leaving any dust or spots. Also Swiffer Wet Jet is provided with an excellent absorbent cleaning pad which is attached to a swivel, low profile head. The superb designing of this cleaning product makes it easy for you to reach the every corner of your house and can be used for every surface.

Swiffer Wet Jet also clean the areas around the toilet and the under counters.

You will notice that Swiffer Wet Jet is fun to use. When buying, you are provided with a cleaning wand, a bottle of cleaning solution and a set of six cleaning pads. Swiffer jet works on four AA batteries. To learn how to change the batteries you can click here.

This mop system is used on the solution which is sprayed on the dusty floors. Swiffer jet works effectively on the solution and leave the floor almost dry.

The microfiber pads of the Swiffer jet absorb all the moisture and the dirt present on the floor and make it clean leaving it just perfect to walk on. You can use this superb cleaning product daily on your floors so as to get better cleaning. The use is easy and not much time consuming.

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What I like about this wet jet

This is not a mop for heavy duty flooring cleaning. Wet Jet is best for day-to-day jobs, quick retouch and things like that. The starter package features every little thing you need besides batteries. It is easy to assemble, it took me about 5 mins and I prepared to go. When connecting the pad to the damp jet you need to ensure you line up the Velcro strips to the bottom of the mop. If not it will diminish while you are wiping. You also have to sweep actually well. Specifically in the corners and sides of the wall surfaces. Otherwise all your going to do is spread the dirt around. I enjoy that I could just stick a pad on it and reach cleansing.

Why is it easy to use?

I have a young child and also I cannot stand dirty floors. This makes it so very easy instead of obtaining a bucket, loading it up, moping, and afterwards needing to empty the bucket and so forth. With the wet jet all you need to do is take the pad off and also get rid of. What would certainly make this wet jet even better would be washable pads and also a rechargeable battery.

Why should you buy it?

The cleaner scents good. It would certainly behave to have a choice of different smelling cleansing remedies. Other than that I actually have no problems with it. I wanted it for fast jobs and also it does simply that. It does clean my flooring’s and also leaves them shiny.

Swiffer Wet Jet Solution, Wood Floor Cleaner For those who have hardwood floors at home, this is the best choice. It cuts down your wood cleaning work into half as this works double time. Moreover it cleaning power is high and kills most of the germs and bacteria. There is no need to rinse this as you can just use it and then leave as it is. Furthermore the Swiffer cleaner is best for laminate floors. With Shark steam mops in comparison you need to be careful while cleaning this surface. Mopping too slowly may damage your floor.

The manufacturing company suggests you try it on a small area of your wood floor first. This is to ensure that your floors will not interact adversely with it. But it can pretty much clean any floor surfaces.

Steam Mops

There are many who when mopping want to steam clean the floors as well. A way to do both at the same time and the tool is called the steam mop! The steam mop is a great way to steam clean your floors. With the steam mop you can do your mopping and steaming at the same time which result in greater efficiency and saves a lot fo your time.

With a steam mop it is important to have steam. The mop has steam on demand usually at a temperature of 120°C in just 30 seconds, which means with the pull of a trigger you will have steam available for use and is ready to heat quickly. Steam Mops water tank can heat steam in about 30 seconds. It is also an easy mop to use as well. The head of the mop can be easily manipulated to move wherever needed and provides a deep clean in corners. You will see why should you choose a steam mop vs swiffer wet jet.

This mop is so hassle-free. I truly like it as well as after utilizing it, I aren’t sure why anybody would use Swiffer Jet, and so on. The steam and foot scrubber work standing up substances. Microfiber pads are simple to clean as well as setup/use is really simple. No more acquiring Swiffer cleaning pads for me. I have wood floorings in my apartment, so these helps keep them from getting sticky – specifically considering that I tend to constantly be barefoot.

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Why steam mop are better than swiffer wet jet?

I am rather careless when it comes to cleansing often, as well as this takes the discomfort from mopping. My brand new Bissell 1806 Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe has gained a rightful location alongside my Dyson V8 Absolute. It simply got here, connected it in, and also did the entire house. To assume I was most likely to change my Shark cleaner with an additional until I read the Bissell testimonials and reviews on blogs and Amazon. These Bissell brand of steam mops cleanser rocks!

Bissell 1806 Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe

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Right here’s exactly what I such as: Larger mop head, could base on it very own, removable water tank (yeah) for the cleaning solution, and also swivel head makes it easier to get in all type of holes and cleans almost all the dirt. Plus, it lays level for under my sofa. I have a rather big house as well as most of the area is stained concrete floors, the microfiber pads are also safe to use on hardwood floors. Great deals of floor to cover. I’m happy. Highly recommend steam mops, you should definitely jump on Amazon to get it.

What are the reasons to buy one?

There are many great reasons to have and/or use this steam mop. First the mop weighs about 6 pounds. It can also clean a nine inch wide path on bare floors. The mop can clean and/or steam on hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum floors but it’s better to avoid steaming laminate floor. Because of the type of cleaning it can do it can be great for tile walls as well, which is great for the shower, around the stove and/or oven. There is a swivel top, which makes it easy to mop around things like cabinets or furniture that doesn’t move easily. With steam mops you also avoid the hassle of buying and using cleaning solutions as plain water works well even when it comes to dirty floors.

Dyson V8 Absolute

What are the features of steam mops?

The steam mop also has other great features. Some of the other features include; a twenty foot cord, which you have to wind up yourself, swivel head, a tank that hold 17.5 ounces of liquid, eco friendly chemicals as cleaning solution, heater and the ability to be picked up easily. There are a few things to buy to help you use your steam mop well. These items include a microfiber pad kit and something to add to the water that adds a wonderful scent while cleaning. The scented water is great since this product is eco friendly and does not use chemicals.

What can you clean with steam mops?

With the help of the steam mop you are able to clean and steam at the same time. This ability is great to be able to do two things at the same time. It also includes a variety of different options that help people get the job done well and yet fast. If you are looking for a multi functional cleaning item the Steam Mop is a great way to go about.

Swiffer Wet Jet vs Steam Mop

So what do you think would work best for you? Steam Mop vs Swiffer wet jet? Would you rather spend a little extra on a steam mop to save on cleaning solution later? Or do you want to protect your laminate floor from hot steam? 

What’s your favorite tool, Swiffer Wet Jet vs Steam Mop, Leave us a comment?

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