How to Change Swiffer Wet Jet ‎Batteries?‎

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It is often difficult to change Swiffer Wet Jet batteries. Certainly WetJet is one of the many cleaning products of Swiffer brand. This American brand was ‎introduced by Procter & Gamble in 1999. Almost every cleaning product is basically a handle ‎assembly that consumers buy at a low price, and continue using the product by purchasing ‎highfiderev06-20nt pads, and refills until the handle assembly runs out of order. ‎

Swiffer WetJet is basically a mop consisting of six basic parts: handle, cleaning solution, floor ‎piece, cleaning pads, and batteries. Hence this WetJet gives the floor a powerful clean by the use of a ‎cleaner, fixed inside the mopping system in a sealed bottle that cannot be opened. Although these WetJets ‎come in a wide variety, you can use them to conveniently clean wood, tile, laminate, linoleum, or ‎vinyl floors.‎ Read this page to know more about the difference between wet jets and steam mops.

Before going to learn about how to change Swiffer Wet Jet batteries, let us learn how we ‎can use this mop to clean our floor quickly. ‎

How to Use Swiffer WetJet? ‎

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Firstly when you buy a new Swiffer WetJet, you need to assemble it. In this regards you can follow these five ‎steps to assemble the WetJet within no time. ‎

  1. ‎Unwrap the Swiffer Wet and remove sticky tape from all the parts. ‎
  2. ‎Snap together the pole, mop, middle pole, and handle. ‎
  3. ‎Look for a notch inside the area that holds the cleaning supply and click it to remove the battery ‎panel. Open its cover and insert 4 AA batteries into your Wet Jet. ‎
  4. ‎Insert liquid cleaner. Look for a liquid cleaner in the box, and turn the Wet Jet upside down. ‎Place the flat side of the cleaner against the pole of the Wet Jet and press the bottle up into the ‎holder. Wait for the sound of a click which indicates that the bottle of liquid cleaner is inserted ‎correctly. ‎
  5. ‎The next step is putting on a cleaning pad. Remove two strips of paper from the pad and place ‎the sticky side at the bottom of the Wet Jet, and put the mop down onto the pad, and wait for ‎few seconds to let the pad stick on automatically. ‎

Cleaning the Floor with the Swiffer Mop ‎

After assembling the Wet Jet, flip it right-side-up to test. Lay the Wet Jet on that area of the ‎floor you want to clean. Then press the button on the handle to release the cleaning liquid and mop the ‎WetJet back and forth to clean the dirt. Cleaning with this Wet Jet is very easy and simple. To clarify you ‎just lay the mop head on the floor, press the button on the handle to release the cleaning solution, ‎and then move the mop back and forth to clean the cleaner. ‎

Changing Swiffer Wet Jet Batteries

To change the Swiffer Wet Jet batteries is obviously a very easy task, that can be completed by ‎following these four simple steps. ‎

‎1.‎ Remove the cleaner at first. To change batteries, you have to remove the Swiffer cleaner to reach the ‎battery compartment. For this purpose, hold the WetJet upside down and underneath the button ‎between the Swiffer pole and cleaner. When you’ll pull down, the bottle of the cleaner will pop ‎out. ‎

‎2.‎ In the second place remove the battery tab. In the battery compartment, you’ll find a finger notch ‎with the battery tab. Pull down the notch by putting your finger within the opening to slide the ‎battery cover off.‎

‎3.‎ Ultimately change the batteries. To get this step done, remove the older batteries from the battery ‎compartment and replace them with new ones. The battery compartment would have indicated ‎the right direction of the batteries, make sure that you have followed these indications. ‎Without a doubt misplacing the batteries will not damage the Swiffer wet jet but it won’t work until corrected.

‎4.‎ After changing the Swiffer Wet Jet batteries, reassemble the mop by placing the battery cover, and inserting the ‎liquid cleaner. After all, to test the Swiffer, push the button on the pole to release the cleaner. If it doesn’t ‎release any liquid, open the battery compartment to make sure you have inserted the batteries ‎correctly. ‎

What Batteries You Need for Your Swiffer ‎Wet Jet? ‎ ‎

The Swiffer WetJet usually needs 4 AA batteries. So whenever you need to buy new batteries ‎for your Swiffer, always buy AA alkaline batteries. Nevertheless these batteries are recyclable. So when you ‎change the batteries, get the older ones recycled and saved in a cool and dry and place. ‎In spite of that changing only 2 batteries with new ones might be working. This is particularly useful if you have some batteries left at home.

If you want to clean without having to think about batteries every time you can consider buying a steam mop, watch the difference between wet jet and steam mops here

How to Refill Swiffer Wet Jet? ‎

Although the cleaner Swiffer Wet Jet uses, comes in a sealed plastic bottle that cannot be opened. ‎Whenever the bottle runs out of liquid, you have to get a new bottle of the cleaner as no other ‎bottle gets fit in the Swiffer. ‎

If you don’t want to buy a new bottle of the cleaning solution, we can teach you a simple way to ‎refill this bottle with your own cleaning solution. ‎

It is important to mention that this refilling method requires a stopper like a cork or another type of plug, a drill, and a drill bit. ‎

The first step is to drill a hole of the same size as your plug. During the drilling, there are chances ‎that bits of plastic may fall inside the bottle. After that, shake this bottle to make sure no bits remain inside. ‎

The second step is to fill in the container with your favorite cleaner and plug the hole with cork ‎or another stopper. Congrats, you have built a refillable cleaner container. You can use it for a ‎long time but you have to change the cork or stopper from time to time. ‎Although you can keep it a long time, I would suggest buy a fresh bottle every 6-month or every year. You can also opt to purchase the refill pack.

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Another refilling method ‎

Another way to refill the Swiffer is to fix the sealed cap of the container. You’ll no tool or ‎additional material except a pair of nail clippers. ‎

Basically you need to dunk the sealed cap in boiling water to soften the plastic. When you notice that it ‎got enough soft, twist the cap off, and clip off the locking tab with nail clippers. The cap is now ‎open which was previously sealed. In this way, the plastic bottle has become a plain ‎refillable container. Now you can use it to refill with any cleaning solution of your choice. ‎

What to do if Your Swiffer WetJet doesn’t ‎Spray? ‎

If your Swiffer Wet Jet doesn’t spray, you have to unclog its nozzle to get the unit to work ‎properly. In this case you can unclog the nozzle by completing the steps below: ‎

  1. Pull the cleaner container out of the unit after pushing the button on the front of the mop body to begin with. ‎
  2. ‎Then place the unit on a flat surface with the cap side pointing up. ‎
  3. ‎Put 2-ounce white vinegar and 6-ounce warm water in a glass. Use a toothbrush to scrub the ‎front of the nozzle with the vinegar on the top of the mop head. ‎
  4. ‎Slightly push a toothpick in and out the nozzle hole to break up the dirt inside the nozzle. Do it till you have a clear nozzle. ‎
  5. ‎Set the mop head into a sink and pour the remaining vinegar water into the area where you insert ‎the cleaner bottle. Position the mop head so that the nozzle is pointing to the side of the sink or ‎even hold the mop handle and allow the nozzle to point to the drain.‎
  6. ‎Squeeze the spray trigger just as you would when the bottle is in the mop. The warm vinegar ‎water passes through the tube and nozzle, breaking up any dirt and grime.‎
  7. Pour the remaining liquid out of the bottle cartridge from the front of the mop, once the sprayer ‎sprays consistently. Thereafter dry the outside of the mop with a towel to remove any spills. Ultimately reinsert the ‎cleaner bottle and continue cleaning your floors.‎

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