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Can you steam mop hardwood floors?

You can be sure that floor manufacturers will tell you no and Steam cleaner ones will give you the green light. The simple answer is NO except if you are confident that your floor is sealed.

How To Choose A Steam Mop

How To Choose A Steam Mop

Steam mops are excellent steam cleaners as they are practical for many types of floor surfaces, and as no chemicals are used in the cleaning process, safer for households with pets and children.


Best Budget Steam Mop

They can literally be used to clean accurately everything in your house. A good steam mop makes your work easier and leaves your floor clean and hygienic.

Swiffer wet jet vs steam mop

Swiffer Wet Jet vs Steam Mop

Swiffer Wet Jet is a perfect cleaning product which is much liked by most of the house owners today. It is easy to use and is quite comfortable. Having a good handle grip, Swiffer Wet Jet makes you’re cleaning work effective that too in a very short span of time.

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