Best Budget Steam Mop

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Best Budget Steam Mop

What is the best budget steam mop? Steam mops also known as steamers are great assets to have for cleaning floors. They are perfect when it comes to lifting grimes from carpets and rugs or mopping floors that are so hard to be mopped using the normal mops. Most of the steam mops also come with smaller tools that helps you clean the windows and bathroom tiles. The smaller tools can also be used to clean oven trays and furnishings. They can literally be used to clean accurately everything in your house. 

What makes a good steam mop?

A good steam mop makes your work easier and leaves your floor clean and hygienic. Having a steam mop is a wise choice but finding the best mop is not easy especially when you are on a budget. But don’t panic because we have reviewed mops available for sale and came up with this list for best budget steam mops.

What should you look at? 

Before we get to the list, we would like to provide you with some tips to help you choose the best steam mop for your floors. Without further ado, let’s get down to it. Here is what to look for when buying a steam mop.

Test the weight and size

You don’t want to buy something that doesn’t feel comfortable for you just because it was recommended to you, do you? Test the steam mop on the floor and make sure that it feels comfortable with you and if it is not, you can always search for another mop since they are always in demand.

Check the accessories

The steam mops come along with some attachments or accessories from the manufacturers and different mops have different accessories so you might want to go for the one that will work perfectly for your floor. Some models will include a carpet glider that allows to use them to freshen matted fibers. Look for the small brushes that can help in cleaning the windows and bathroom tiles and mirrors.

budget steam mop laminate floor

Review the settings available

First a steam mop that has adjustable steam levels are great. Because you can tailor them to output the amount of steam that can clean your different floors effectively. If you can find a steam mop that can sweep up debris before or during the cleaning, go for it. That’s a real time saver.

Size of the water tank

A big tank is nice as it will last longer while you are cleaning but the downside is that it might take longer to heat the water to turn to steam, meaning you will have to wait. For a smaller tank, it will be a matter of seconds to heat the water and you can start cleaning as soon as possible but it will require frequent refueling. Choose a steam mop with a tank that you will be comfortable with.

Ease of use

Some models are too complicated to use and I don’t think you want to go for a model like that. Look for something you will find it easy to use so that you can be done cleaning within the shortest time. Also, make sure that the model you go for is not too noisy that it can cause distraction.

Best budget steam mop


The cost of steam mop is another thing that you should consider. You don’t want to go for a mop that is more than your budget or within your budget but overpriced. Factor in the other factors we have discussed and chose a steam mop within your budget and one that will be worth your money.

Best budget steam mops

Now we have looked at the basic things you should look at before buying a steam mop. Let’s save you the hassle of having to do the research yourself and provide you with a list of the best budget steam mops available. So if you have been asking yourself which steam mop is the best for a person on a budget, here they are.

  • Shark steam mop hard floor cleaner

This handheld budget steam mop is perfect for anyone with a hard floor and looking to remove grimes and grease with ease. It is lightweight and easy to use as well as easy to store. You don’t need to use any chemicals or residue to clean your floor to perfection. All you need is fill the tank with just water and start cleaning. It is very easy to maneuver through the tight spaces since it is lightweight and compact. A perfect mop for anyone!

Explore More

  • Bissell Spinwave mop 

Another budget steam mop you should definitely buy. It has an on-demand spray trigger that allows you to be in control of how much formula goes to the floor during cleaning time. Furthermore it provides exceptional cleaning and the good thing is that it is quite unlike most mops which are noisy. It just weighs 11 pounds meaning it is lightweight and manoeuvrable. Exactly what you should look for when buying a good steam mop. It is also very easy to use.

  • Shark genius steam mop

The shark genius mop is just perfect when it comes to loosening debris from grout lines, corners, and crevices. It delivers fast cleaning and fast drying and it is a washable and reusable pads. That you can be sure to use for quite some time before having to replace it. It only weighs 6 pounds so you can be sure it’s lightweight and maneuverable to help you clean even the tightest corners and not forgetting the touch-free technology.

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