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Multipurpose vs Single Use Steam Cleaners

Multipurpose vs Single Use Steam Cleaners

Many homeowners face a dilemma whenever they decide to buy a floor cleaner. Multipurpose vs single use steam cleaners? They can’t decide whether to purchase a single use or multipurpose pressurized steam cleaner. This dilemma existed for years ever since these two variants came into the market. The reason for this confusion is people don’t know the features and benefits of these steam cleaners. This article will help to answer those questions that help to understand which one is a better choice.

Understanding multipurpose steam cleaners and their advantages on singe use ones

As the name suggests, multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners can clean a variety of stuff. You usually relate steam cleaners to clean floors. However, multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners can remove dirt and stains from windows, carpets, upholstery, hard surface floors, tiles, and even clothes. You don’t need to put in detergent or any cleaning solution. This makes them an eco-friendly option too. All you need to do is fill the chamber with water, allow the unit to heat up, and then start cleaning.

You get a variety of multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners these days, such as cylinder steam cleaners, steam mops, and handheld steam cleaners. Different models come with different features and functions.

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Understanding single use pressurized steam cleaners

Unlike multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners, you can’t use this variant to clean various items mentioned above. You either use it to clean the floors, tiles, or carpets. Most homeowners usually use single steam cleaners to clean floors. Those who don’t want to use the same vent that they use on the floor to clean their clothes should go for single use steam cleaners.

multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners

Although the features here are limited, you don’t always need to use a steam cleaner to clean everything in the house. If you already clean your clothes in a washing machine and tiles with scrubs, you shouldn’t think of buying a multipurpose unit. In fact, single use pressurized steam cleaners are cheaper. They also come in a variety of models that resemble the ones above. So, it all depends on how much you want to spend and the features you need in the device.

Benefits of using multipurpose  steam cleaner

Multipurpose steam cleaners come with a host of benefits that make give them an edge over the single use variant. Here are some of the advantages of using the multipurpose steam cleaner:

• Eco-friendly

This is a common benefit of both multipurpose and single use pressurized steam cleaners. They don’t require detergents or chemicals to clean a surface. Whether you are cleaning the floor, carpet, or clothes, a little tap water will go a long way. Once the water heats up, you can start cleaning whatever you want.

• Highly effective

Multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners can kill up to 99.9% household bacteria, bedbugs, viruses, dust mites, and various other germs. That is why you will see many carpet cleaning companies using pressurized steam cleaners to clean rugs. They are the best appliance when it comes to cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing all the surfaces in your house.

• One for all system

Imagine having only one device to clean your floors, windows, bathroom, kitchen, doors, and clothes. That’s the benefit of using multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners. You don’t need to buy different cleaners for different purposes. This also helps to save space in your house. Most importantly, you also save a lot of money in the process. Since you don’t have to buy different cleaners, you don’t have to spend money also. So, this type of pressurized steam cleaner is a massive advantage in families living in a relatively small home.

• Easy to use

It doesn’t matter which model of multipurpose steam cleaner you buy. They are usually lightweight and easily maneuverable so that you don’t have trouble using them anywhere in the house. Most of the models come with one-touch functions. This means you don’t have to learn about multiple buttons and their features. They have a steam regulator that allows you to control the amount of steam coming out of the vent. Depending on the surface you are cleaning, you can increase or decrease the steam pressure.

Benefits of using single use pressurized steam cleaner

It’s not that single use pressurized steam cleaners don’t have any benefits at all. In fact, you may keep these steam cleaners ahead of its competitor in some areas. We will see more about multipurpose vs single use steam cleaners. 

• Quick heating

The water in the chamber of single use pressurized steam cleaners heat up quicker than multipurpose steam cleaners. They work almost automatically as soon as you pour water in the container. On the other hand, multipurpose pressurized steam cleaners take a few minutes before you can start using them. So, if you don’t want to wait for those few minutes, then a single use steam cleaner should be your choice.

• It is inexpensive

If you consider both these variants as standard floor cleaners, then a single use variant will cost less than the multipurpose variant. The simple reason for this difference is their variety of functions. Multipurpose steam cleaners can clean a lot of things while single use focuses only on cleaning the floor. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money up front, go for a single use steam cleaner.

• Looks more stylish

Single-use steam cleaners look more stylish than their competitors. Multipurpose steam cleaners usually have a big bottom because they need to contain more water to clean multiple surfaces. Single use steam cleaners don’t necessarily have to be so big. You get a variety of sizes and the prices of these models will vary depending on their size also. So, you don’t need to invest in a big steam cleaner just yet.

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Final verdict should you buy a multipurpose vs single use steam cleaners? 

The decision to choose between multipurpose vs single use steam cleaners depends entirely on how you look at the appliances. If you are one of those who don’t want to have a cleaning device for every purpose, you can go the multipurpose variant. Otherwise, you always have the single use steam cleaner that can only focus on one job, and that’s cleaning the floor efficiently.

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  1. I love using my steam cleaner on my floor. For some reason though, I’d forgotten about the multipurpose ones until I read this article. I now remember seeing them on one of those TV ads where you send away for them. At the time, I didn’t think they were that good. Obviously, there are some good models out there. I’m glad I read this. I don’t need a multipurpose cleaner but it’s good to know what they can do.

    1. We are glad that you enjoyed the article and was able to learn from it. Hopefully it had some assistance with your future purchase.

  2. It’s built to be super lightweight allowing you to clean around the house freely and flexibly. As it is a multifunctional steam cleaner, you can use this anywhere you want. With this at home, the cleaning process will always be light and easy. Moreover, the cushioned grip on its handle makes it suitable for people of different heights. Such feature allows people to have a firm and comfortable hold on it, thereby ensuring that it does not easily slip out from the hand.

  3. Grab the best multi-purpose steam cleaner to make your cleaning job at home fun, easy, and efficient. This line of thinking holds true to people who want to do household cleaning in the most efficient and convenient way possible. With the multi-purpose steam cleaner, your cleaning job will be much easier. Although steam cleaners are fairly new to the market, people are starting to be hooked to it because of their many advantages.

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