Portable Steam Cleaners

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Portable Steam Cleaners

Portable steam cleaners are deep cleansing machines that operate in much the same way the standard steam cleaner does. It sprays out the water and cleaning solution and then sucking back the moisture and dirt. The cleaners are available in canister, upright and hand held models.

Portable steam cleaners have a cleaning secret! Steam is the main cleansing agent and the features include easy to use and easy storage options with wheels for effortless manoeuvring.

Why do we like theses steam cleaners? 

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Portable steam cleaners are the latest trend in cleaning technology. They look like vacuum cleaners, but outperform them by a mile. These cleaners use water as their operating agent and have water tanks that can be easy to remove and filled up. This water transforms into steam that is used for cleaning.

Portable steam cleaners are compact and easy to use. You can move them around on their wheels. You can get as close as you want to be to the target object and then you simply clean it up. These are small and occupy little storage space. In fact you can tuck them under your bed once you are done with your use. The steam is kept at around 240-250°F. There is an adjustable nozzle which would control the amount of steam outlet. This is desired since not every material would tolerate equal exposure to heat for cleaning.

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Portable steam cleaners are safe. They do not use chemicals. Instead they use simple and harmless water. So at the end of the cleaning you are not left behind with chemical substances in the carpets, floor and air to deal with. This also makes them environment friendly. The temperature of the steam would also kill bacteria and germs. It is ideal when you need to steam clean your mattress to remove bed bugs and dust mites

Thus, portable steam cleaners go a step above and beyond conventional cleaners and cater a superior set of benefits.

Rugs, carpets, floors are cleaned very safely because of the use of steam that directs high heat levels on to dust, mold, fungi and other bacteria, killing them off to give you a sanitized environment.

Benefits of such a cleaning technique

  • Heated water is used to clean carpets and floors, ridding them of deeply embedded dirt and dust particles.
  • Steam and water makes the cleaning process a whole lot easier. You move around cleaning one area at a time and drying is faster and can be done with a simple floor cloth or old bath towel.
  • Though there are heavy duty vacuum cleaners available on the market, the steam cleaners really get down to the pore level. It removes dirt and making scrubbing out a much easier task.
  • You do not have to use chemicals or harsh disinfectants for cleaning which is one of the main advantage. These products are extremely harmful for the people who inhale them and also dangerous to have in the home with children around. The heat generated from the cleaner will more than adequately clean the place.
  • Mobility of the portable machine is another great feature. You can take it any place in the house you want and clean dust and dirt from a variety of surfaces. The machine is also geared for portability outside the home should the need arise and stacks just as easily in your car as it does in your store cabinet.
  • Portable cleaners are easier to store because of their size and also have the added benefit of being a cheaper option to the full sized machines.
  • This machine can be used to clean automobiles very effectively and is a benefit due to the portability angle.

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Advantages of using portable steam cleaner

One gains a number of significant advantages using portable steam cleaners. The main ones are listed below.

Mobile: Portable steam cleaners are mobile. You can take them to any corner of your room and clean dust and dirt from a close distance. This ensures great cleaning. Water being the cleaning substance, the cleaning quality can go up by a whole notch if carefully used.

Clean systems: The fuel – water – is clean and environment-friendly. You don’t end up leaving a lot of chemical behind in the air. Also, water tank cleaning being easy, the tank can never become unclean too as long as you maintain it.

Carpet-friendly: Since the chemicals are not attacking the carpet, it remains healthy for a long time to come.

Anti-microbe: The high temperature of steam kills germs. Your house eliminates a lot of bacteria and other undesired microbes.

Health-friendly: The conventional chemicals reaching your lungs are not present as you use steam to clean. As a result, the portable steam cleaners are healthy.

Easy to use and maintain: These cleaners are user-friendly. You can carry them from place to place easily on their wheels. The maintenance is also easy. All you need to do is ensure that the water tank is cleaned at a reasonablebest portable steam cleaner frequency.

You are able to get great benefits from portable steam cleaners. Indeed you never thought available in one home cleaning tool. It is safe and sanitary cleaning, useful features and functions in push-and-click buttons. The steam control levels and removal of most types of bacteria and spores that can cause harm to you and your family. It also provides safe and effective cleaning, since it employs the most trusted method of sanitation by directing high levels of heat to contact surfaces.


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