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Before You Buy A Steam Mop

You want to know what to consider before buying a steam mop? Read this few advices so you can know what to look for when you buy a steam mop.

What to consider before purchasing it? 

The steam mop is quite popular for household cleaning work. As the overall compatibility of the device helps with deep cleansing of the surfaces, this has become a rather more desired option for many. The way in which a steam mop works is that has three basic parts. 

One is used to hold the water inside, which is later turned into vapor by the second component. Which is actually the heating part. And the third part is the output. Which actually allows the steam to go out of the device with tremendous speed. 

The methods of steam mop are considered as the most ideal solutions for cleaning over hard surfaces. Because of the heated steam, the dirt particles are easily removed from the surface. And also it is not needed that you wash the mop after every stroke of the floor. You could just simply wash the microfiber cloth of the mop afterward. Or even replace it when it gets way too dirty. Using steam mop is often criticized too. 

microfiber pads

Due to the fact and some of the common myths, steam mop is also avoided by many people. Some of the common myths are: “can you steam mop a mattress to remove urine and sweat stains?” and “can you steam laminate wood floors?

Before getting to any conclusive decision, you need to understand the material first. And then decide whether or not you should buy a steam mop. This article is going to clear a lot of questions and facts about the usage of a steam mop on various surfaces. And what is not recommended for the usage of such type of device.

And before even that, let’s go on a deep discussion on some other facts.

Can you put bleach in a steam mop?

As being one of the most commonly used ingredients, bleach is often used for house cleaning purposes. Although there is a long list of benefits of using bleach. But it can still be harmful in certain situations. And that is exactly why it is prohibited to use bleach substance in steam cleaning. Using bleach in steam cleaner can be the reason for serious health concerns. 

The elements of bleach can cause problems if you ingest it. Even through air. And this is exactly why it is recommended that you use these in a properly ventilated area. Because the fumes can easily cause a serious amount of headache. Even make you dizzy, create coughing issues.

As well while you use it in a steam mop, it gets even more mixed into the air.  Of which is exactly the opposite of what you’re meant to do. Because it’s already harmful if existing in the air. And by using it in a steam cleaner, you are just going to make things worse. On top of that, the particle build-up inside the machine is also going to damage the machine itself.

Effects of a steam mop on floors

Before you buy a steam mop it is important to know that it cannot be used on all the surfaces. A steam mop is a great piece of equipment for cleaning. But only if it is being used over the right surface. Otherwise, it actually has potential risk factors for damaging the floor. The policy of work for steam mops is actually simple. It blasts hot water at a high speed. Which makes the dirt particle easily go away. But when you are using it over wooden floors. 

Such as if you want to know whether or not “can you steam laminate wood floors?” the answer is going to be a lot different. Despite the fact that wooden floors are well-sealed. But there still might be small openings in it. Plus the small diameter of the holes of the steam mop is going to be able to deliver water particles into those openings. Which is really not good. It can cause contamination inside that wooden boards. And cause them to rot and smell awful.

Besides it can also leave the floor dull. Because, most of the wooden platforms that we use for floors, are covered in thin layer of wax material. This is given so that the surface is able to reflect and water slashes and avoids getting rot. The usage of a steam mop can easily cause the floor to lose the layer of wax. 

This loss of wax coverage is going to expose the wooden surface to many potential risks including reducing the lifespan of the material. Not only this, but the machine is going to get damaged too. That also clears another fact that is the usage of steam mops is going to leave the wooden floor dull.

Can you use steam mop on the carpet?

As you are already going through the facts, you know that surfaces of wood, laminate wood are exposed to risk by the usage of steam mops. But what about carpets? Can you use steam mops on carpet? The answer is actually yes. This is because the carpet surface is not exactly an even one. Many houses use light-colored carpet. That is because the overall light color theme of the room can easily change the entire appearance of the room. 

Because of the usage of light-colored carpets, even the slightest amount of dust clot can be easily visible. For that purpose, steam mop is an ideal solution. The high-temperature steam of the device can easily deodorize and lift off the dirt particles. And the most fun fact is that you don’t even need to rinse the mop when you are using it. Which makes it even better for the work. 

The temperature and the method of steam delivering make it better for removing the dirt, and also killing any type of bacterial growth inside the fibers of the carpet. But in most cases, you need to look for a steam mop that has glider attachment. This attachment actually helps the user to use the steam mop over the carpet surface. Otherwise, moving around with the mop over carpets can seem a bit harder. What more are you wondering before to buy a steam mop? Leave us a comment or send us a message if you need any details, else jump to Amazon and get it delivered fast! 

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  1. Whoa! I am glad I read this because I didn’t know about the dangers of mixing bleach in your steam mop. I would think bleach would make it clean even better, but you don’t want to make yourself sick (or worse, your family) because you used bleach. Excellent overview of what you can and can’t do.

    1. Just some of the don’t with steam mops, I hope people don’t think it just okay to do what they think is okay only to find out during cleaning

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