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Over the years, steam vacuum cleaners have assumed an all important role when it comes to keeping floor surfaces clean. Their effectiveness and ease of use in cleaning out dirt and germs in great. This is one of the main driving forces behind popularity across a variety of floorings. A steam vacuum cleaner enhances the effectiveness of these popular house hold gadgets.

The steam vacuum cleaners combines many properties. A powerful suction power and ease of use of traditional vacuum cleaners with the cleaning efficiency and germ killing power of steam. These top of the range home appliances makes it easier for home owners to keep their households cleaner and more hygienic now, than ever before.

Read on below to understand exactly how and why these advanced floor cleaning appliances are helping you. Especially with regards to keeping your floors spotless and free from germs and bacteria.

What Are Steam Vacuum Cleaners?

Before going any further, it is important to start by understanding what this appliance is and how it works.

In its most basic form, a steam vacuum cleaner is a simple device that combines several functions. The dirt and grime sucking power of conventional vacuum cleaners with the germ, bacteria and virus killing power of steam.

The vacuuming component relies on its cyclonic power to capture loose dirt and debris off the floor. The steam cleaning component on the other hand works hard to knock dirt and grime loose for easy vacuuming. The same sanitizes the surface in question. It leaves the surface germ free by killing 99.9 percent of all germs, viruses and bacteria. The appliances are used on a variety of floor types. Theses includes carpeted and hard variants – such as granite and marble, hardwood, linoleum, ceramic and tile.

What is important with steam vacuum cleaners? 

It is important to note that even though the above description paints a picture of two separate components it is not the case. These vacuum cleaners are a seamless combination of both functions where necessary. This means that users can vacuum and steam clean their floors at the same time when using these appliances.  

Some devices also allow users to switch between the vacuum, steam and a combination of both functions through the use of easy to use controls. The available features vary from model to model.

All in all, these appliances work in a simple way, any dirt or grime vacuumed gets sucked into a dry tank. The vacuum cleaner nozzle sprays jet of low pressure steam to sanitise the floor surface. Cleaning pads, soft or scrubby – also attached to the cleaning nozzle. These cleaning pads can be used to agitate and clear away any remaining dirt or grime.

Know more about the benefits of Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Choosing a steam vacuum cleaner over other mops and vacuum gives you the opportunity to enjoy a number of essential benefits. We listed the main benefits below:

Easy To Use

These floor cleaning appliances are easy to use. It makes the work of cleaning your floors simple and straightforward. For starters, most models come with three simple controls, vacuum, steam or both. Simply choose your preferred cleaning method for the day and you are good to go!

Secondly, the superheated steam makes easy work of softening and loosening any dirt or grime. It is much more easy to clean once theses stubborn are removed. You no longer have to clean the same spot over and over again to get rid of tough stains.


As previously stated, steam vacuum cleaners are great at cleaning out dirt. It also kills any microorganisms that might settle in and around your floors. The steam produced by these appliances is superheated, to about 120°C. Which is lethal to 99.9% of all germs. The superheated steam is also highly effective in killing mites as well.

The sanitizing effect of the superheated steam also applies to the particles of dirt and grime sucked up by the vacuum. Before reaching the dry tank, any and all germs and mites are killed as the dirt particles undergo sanitization. To know how to steam clean you mattress, have a look at this page.

Last but not least, steam vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters are capable of purifying any air that goes into them. The vacuum filters this air before re-circulate it into the room being cleaned. This significantly improves the air quality in the space in question.

As you can see, using a steam vacuum cleaner helps you create a hygienic environment in a number of ways.


It is possible to avoid hazardous cleaning products by using these advanced vacuum cleaners. It is true that you can still use cleansers to enhance the cleaning power of the appliance. However, the superheated steam in powerful enough to kill germs and breaking down dirt and grime embedded onto floor surfaces.

In addition to the above, steam vacuum cleaners only use a small amount of water. In comparison to traditional vacuum cleaners, they also deliver better results. Thus preventing any unnecessary wastage of this all important, but scarce resource.

Multipurpose Cleaning

As previously stated,  you can use this appliance to vacuum, steam/sanitize – or both at the same time – floors. This gives them a multipurpose appeal that most homeowners and users will appreciate.

You can use one appliance to clean your floors in different ways. It generally depends on your preferences, the requirements of the task at hand, and by the nature and condition of the floor. As such, by choosing this appliance over other available options, you avoid having to buy a number of different appliances. This also helps you save some money as well.


Dirty or poorly cleaned floors harbor all sorts of germs, bacteria and viruses, in addition to being a sore sight to look at. Cleaning floors through traditional means is a tedious and time consuming chore. However, with a steam vacuum cleaner, cleaning out dirt and stubborn stains as well as killing germs and mites becomes an easy and straightforward endeavor. This highly advanced appliance reduces the amount of effort and time needed to clean different types of floors. Also, the vacuum cleaners provides better overall cleaning results, in an environmentally friendly way.

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