SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops Review

SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops Review


A neat and tidy home is the perfect indicator that an individual is healthy and well-adjusted. As what most people say, cleanliness is next to godliness, and the current cleaning tool market is filled with ones that make cleaning easier and more enjoyable.

Having clean floors requires a lot of maintenance, especially with the coming of the colder seasons and an increase in precipitations. Hence, there are plenty of products for cleaning floors but they often contain chemicals and are specifically designed for either carpets, ceramic or hardwood floors.

Chemicals can really affect the lifespan of a carpet or rug, also causing discoloration and even corrosion if used in improper amounts. Also, cleaning detergents and solutions could leave ugly stains on shiny surfaces. Having a steam mop can solve all of these problems, since steam is both efficient in dissolving dirt and at killing germs and bacteria, without leaving any trace.

SKG 1500W 212F Steam Mop

SKG is a company that sells a lot of different household products, such as kitchen tools and appliances, neck pillows, buckets, and massagers. The only thing that binds together all of the previously mentioned items is their quality. SKG offers some of the best products, complemented only by their quality customer service and overall good reputation.

The SKG 1500W 212F Steam Mop is a pretty significant choice for cleaning a high number of surfaces.


  • Uses steam for cleaning and dissolving dirt and stains
  • 1500W power usage (roughly the same amount as a vacuum cleaner)
  • Uses microfiber pads that are reusable and washable
  • Features different cleaning settings recommended for different surfaces
  • It has sound cues that offer the user information regarding the functionality of the appliance.
  • Has a carpet gliding ring that allows the user to clean carpeted surfaces smoothly
  • Comes with a shoulder strap, which helps the user manipulate the product easier


As a steam mop, it has several advantages over the traditional mop—advantages which are important to mention:

  • Cost efficient since it requires no detergent and only small amounts of water to function and clean properly
  • Floors dry up quicker than with a traditional mop
  • Functions using less space since there’s no need for a bucket
  • Has a swiveling filter brush which can access all kinds of nooks and crannies inside the house
  • Safe for toddlers and pets
  • It can be used on both carpeted and smooth surfaces
  • Doesn’t use potentially harmful chemicals
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with three microfiber pads that are reusable


  • It doesn’t smell as good as a traditional mop.
  • It is more expensive than a traditional mop.

Detailed Information

The SKG 1500W 212F Steam Mop is one of those devices that should become a standard home appliance. Steam cleaning is a very potent method of removing dust, germs, bacteria, and even parasites that are brought in by a pet, like fleas or ticks. It’s a safer method of cleaning surfaces than a traditional mop as it doesn’t use detergent, which can be harmful to pets and toddlers.

The steam mop is fairly easy to use. It has different settings that are recommended for cleaning different surfaces. Lower power settings are to be used on carpeted areas and generally more delicate materials, while higher settings are best suited to clean hardwood and laminated surfaces. These settings should also be adjusted depending on the mess that needs to be cleaned.

For hardwood floors and tougher surfaces, the mop comes equipped with a filter brush which allows the steam to be dispersed equally over the affected area and then absorbs the waste.

For carpeted areas, the steam mop has a special plastic mount, allowing the user to slide the mop over carpets and rugs effortlessly. The steam dissolves dirt and stains that gets between carpet follicles and wood pieces, making it great to use in the entire house.

Other than the added benefit of cleaning carpets, steam mops also leave minimal moisture behind. That, paired with their ability to clean dirt from all surfaces makes them an ideal choice for the cold season when it’s harder to air out rooms. Additionally, carpets tend to get dirtier during this period.

In addition, the mop comes with an on-and-off switch and a notification system that pings the user depending on the state of the appliance.


The SKG 1500W 212F Steam Mop isn’t good just by itself; it’s also a great choice by comparison. For instance, the BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is a similarly priced product that’s purposefully designed for the same chores.

By comparing the two, the first thing that stands out is the SKG’s triangular mop head, which allows it to reach places that the BISSELL model can’t possibly access.

It also lacks other features that are meant to increase the product’s utility, such as the shoulder strap that is included with the 1500W purchase and the built-in sound notification system.

On the other hand, the BISSELL does have a built-in fragrance dispersion system, which emulates the effect of a classic mop. This might allow a smoother transition between the classic and steam mop, but it doesn’t bring any sort of functioning advantage.

Moreover, the total deal breaker is the fact that the BISSELL steam mop isn’t explicitly designed to function both on hardwood floors and carpeted surfaces. This is an essential feature which makes the SKG 1500W the clear winner of the two.


The SKG 1500W 212F Steam Mop is a great choice for any home because of its easy-to-use design and the features it packs. For one, the swiveling, microfiber brush mop head is easy to control on all floor surfaces. Another is the clever sound notification surface will alert the user in case they forget the mop powered on or in case the water tank needs replenishing.

All in all, it’s a pretty useful tool to have, making cleaning easier and drastically reducing the amount of water residues, chemicals, and bacteria.

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